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Our Services and Fees

Doctor Consultation
Enroll CSC
Non NZ
Enrolled ACC
Casual ACC
Under 6y Free Free $18 All group $78 Free Free
6-13y Free Free $48 Free Free
14-17y $29 $24 $58 $20 $38
18-64y $27 $24 $58 $20 $38
65y + $24 $24 $58 $20 $38
Nurse Consultation 护士门诊
Under 6y Free Free $10
6-13y Free Free $28
14-17y $24 $15 $38
18-64y $24 $15 $38
65y + $24 $15 $38

Community Service Cardholders (CSC)


There is an additional $10 surcharge for ALL patients for Saturday clinics.


Additional Services 其他服务 Outside of the consultation
Maternity care 产妇护理 Free
Childhood Scheduled Vaccines 儿童接种疫苗 Free
Hearing Screening 听力筛查 Free for all Adults
ECG 心电图 $35
Iron/Zoledrone Infusion 铁/佐洛酮注入 $155
Vitamin C Infusion 维他命C注入 $170
Smear Procedure 子宫颈抹片 $30
Injection Fee 药物注射费用 $20
Liquid Nitrogen 液氮治疗 $30
Insurance / Work Medical 保险/工作体检 $85
Driving Medical 驾驶执照体检 $65
Change of Dressing 更换敷料/包扎 $20
Removal of Stitches 移除针线 $20
Ear Syringe / Ear Suction 洗耳 $50
Blood Test 验血 $10
Blood Pressure 血压检测 $10
Spirometry 肺活量测试 $30
Minor surgery 微型手术 $280
Steroid injection 镇痛封闭针 $80
Skin biopsies 皮肤活检 $120
Repeat prescription 重复处方 $18
Urgent prescripton 紧急处方 $24
IUD Remove 节育环取出服务 $48
Pregnancy kit 验孕包 $10
Nebuliser 雾化器 $10
Printing fee 打印费 $5
Speculum / Proctoscope 窥镜/直肠镜 $10
  • Healthline 0800 611 116
  • Ambulance 111 (Medical Emergency NZD 88, Accident - Free if covered by ACC)
  • Need to talk? (Counsellor) Free phone or text 1737
  • Crisis - Central Auckland 0800 800 717, South Auckland 09 261 3700, West Auckland and NorthShore 09 487 1414 (After Hours 09 486 8900)
  • Depression Helpline 0800 111 757 or free text 4202
  • Lifeline - (for counselling and support) 0800 543 354 (0800 LIFELINE)or free text 4357 (HELP)
  • Samaritans (Confidential support for anyonewho is lonely or in emotional distress 0800 726 666
  • Youthline 0800 376 633,free text 234,email talk@youthline.co.nz or webchat at www.youthline.co.nz(webchat available 7pm - 11pm)- for young people and their parents, whānau and friends
  • What's Up 0800 942 8787(0800 WHATSUP) or webchat atwww.whatsup.co.nz from 5pm-10pm for 5-18 year olds
  • Kidsline (for young people up to 18 yearsof age) 0800 543 754(0800 KIDSLINE)
  • Gambling helpline Call free, day or night, on 0800 654 655or text on 8006
  • Asian health services 亚裔家庭服务中心0800862342

  • Healthpoint NZ - Find GP, Specialist, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapy, Midwife, Dental, Many other health services
  • Healthpages NZ - Find GP, Specialist, Physiotherapist, Occupational therapy, Midwife, Dental, Many other health services
  • Interpreting - Book an Interpreter - Charges Apply
  • LABTESTS NZ Collection centres 血检中心的开放时间和地址 Link

  • Dementia screen 认知评估基础量表 Link

  • Family planning NZ - Information and services on family planning, STI screening, cervical smears, pregnancy and many more
  • Womens refuge - Support for women who are victims of abuse, violence and provide refuge
  • Fertility Associates - Private fertility services
  • Fertility Plus - Public fertility services, Needs GP referal
  • Pregnancy help - Information and supporting pregnancy
  • Mokopuna Ora - Healthy pregnancy for NZ mums and babies
  • Find your midwife - Find your due date and midwife
  • Maternity Services - Midwives, GPs, Specialists, Birthing facilities, pregnancy ultrasound
  • Menapause - Australian Menapause Society
  • Free smear clinics booking
    免费宫颈子宫颈抹片检查网上预约 link
  • Free contraception for Auckland central patients免费避孕诊所。Link

  • Dementia screen 认知评估基础量表 Link
  • Age Concern - Charitable organisation dedicated solely to people over 65
  • Mobility Parking Permit Application
  • Seniorline - Seniorline is a national information service to help older people and their whanau navigate the health system
  • Superseniors - On these pages you’ll find information about ageing positively
  • Advanced care planning - Advance care planning (ACP) is the process of thinking about, talking about and planning for future health care and end-of-life care. It is about identifying what matters to you

  • Crisis line- Central Auckland 0800 800 717, South Auckland 09 261 3700, West Auckland and NorthShore 09 487 1414 (After Hours 09 486 8900)
  • Supporting Families NZ - Support, Information, Advocacy
  • Are you ok? - Support group against family violence
  • Beating the blues
  • Life line - Support from counsellors and trained volunteers
  • Mental health foundation - Charity that works towards creating a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing
  • Depression org - Resources and support on depression
  • CALM - Computer Assisted Learning for the Mind
  • Mental health.com - Information on illnesses
  • Samaritans  - Samaritans offer confidential, non-religious and non-judgemental support to anyone who may be feeling depressed, lonely, or even be contemplating suicide
  • Youthline - For young people and their whānau
  • The lowdown -Visit the website or free text 5626  - for support for young people experiencing depression or anxiety
  • What’s Up - for 5-18 year olds
  • Auntydee - a free online tool for anyone who needs help working through problems 
  • SPARX - an online self-help tool that teaches young people the key skills needed to help combat depression and anxiety 
  • Kidsline - for young people up to 18 years of age

  • Alchoholics Anonymous - AA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism
  • Addictions help - Advice and guidance to assist you in understanding and caring for someone impacted upon by alcohol or other drugs
  • ASH - Action for smokefree 2025
  • Quitline - If you are ready to quit smoking, Quitline can support you with a plan designed to help you beat the smoking addiction
  • Gambling helpline
  • Drug help

  • Arthritis NZ - National charity that provides information, advice and support to people diagnosed with any of the more than 140 forms of arthritis

  • Dermnet - Information of Skin conditions for health professionals and patients

Our Doctors 医生团队

Dr Xing Zhang

Dr Xing Zhang graduated from Shanghai Medical University in 1993 and worked as an ophthalmologist at Hua Shan Hospital in Shanghai before he immigrated to New Zealand. He has been well trained in New Zealand and finished his GP Fellowship special training. He has great interests in mental health, minor surgery and ACC related injuries.

张星医生于1993年毕业于上海医科大学,在移民到新西兰之前曾在上海华山医院担任眼科医生。他在新西兰接受过良好培训,并完成了全科医生专家的特别培训。他对心理健康、小手术和 ACC 相关伤害处理非常感兴趣。

Dr Yirui Zhang

Dr Yirui Zhang graduated from Dalian Medical school in 1994. After immigrated to New Zealand in 2002, she finished three years training of midwifery and was an independent midwife for five years prior to being a doctor again. She achieved GP fellowship after 3 years special training and has been working at the eastern district for many years. She has special interests in women and children’s health.

张轶睿医生于 1994 年从大连医学院毕业。2002 年移民新西兰后,她完成了三年的助产士培训,并在再次成为医生之前担任了五年的独立助产士。她获得了全科医生专家认证,并在奥克兰东部地区工作多年。她对妇女和儿童的健康特别感兴趣。